Life Coaching

Life Coaching is similar to Counselling but is also very different. Whereas the Counsellor’s primary task is to listen effectively to the client and to work carefully and respectfully with their agenda, Life Coaching, while also including lots of listening and discussion, is much more about working with the client to change a particular situation in their life that is causing them unhappiness or frustration.

The common issues I address with clients include:-

  • Should I change my job?
  • How can I improve my work/life balance?
  • How can I get fitter and healthier?
  • Why do I go from one unsatisfactory relationship to another?
  • How do I communicate better with other people?
  • I seem to have lost my direction in life

The process in Life Coaching is broadly to clarify the issue to be addressed, to help the client come up with options to improve their situation, to help them choose an option and come up with a clear action plan, and to monitor how that action plan is taking effect.

Coaching can take place face-to-face or on the telephone and each session usually lasts about fifty minutes. However, most of the work happens between sessions, when the client reflects on the session and carries out tasks that have been agreed, such as researching options for improvement and doing exercises, for example to prioritise personal values.

The main difference for me between Counselling and Life Coaching is that, although I use counselling skills and techniques to build a positive, respectful and genuine relationship between myself and the client and to listen effectively, I feel much more empowered when Coaching to challenge the client’s thinking, suggest options s/he may not have considered, and strongly encourage him/her to get value out of the process by working hard between sessions.

I offer a FREE initial ten-minute telephone assessment session to establish whether the client’s issue is appropriate for Life Coaching, and whether it seems likely that we can establish a good working relationship.